BNP파리바은행 · (Branch) Permanent_Client Engagement & Protection

POSITION PURPOSE -  Recertification(Periodic + Ad-hoc), onboarding and termination of new and existing corporate and FI clients -  KYC inbound inquiry from extensions or client subsidiary’s KYC/RM teams -  Regular communication with front office (sales and RMs) via weekly Pipeline meetings or ad-hoc discussions -  Static Data management on clients in database such as RMPM, CRDS, MAOS, GCARS, AT2. -  Functions relevant to regulatory topics (FATCA, AEOI, Local consent letter) -  Monthly discussion with local senior stakeholders via CCSC meetings  Responsibilities -  Onboarding, Recertification and partial review conducted with business, Compliance and relevant Operations teams. Clients covered: Corporate clients (including MNC) -  Identifying and analyzing client risk assessment in topics of BNPP’s standards including but not limited to; AML, combating the financing of terrorism (CFT), anti-corruption, sanction, market integrity and Corporate & Social Responsibility, adverse news. -  Conduct CAC meetings when necessary and escalate for further approval via local Compliance when required. -  CCSC meetings: preparation of meeting agenda and produce minutes -  Monthly/weekly meetings with regional teams: cross border onboarding topics, KPI review with APAC Hub team -  Regional teams support: request for info/support for extension onboarding/recertification, or seeking additional info for their subsidiary clients for which BNPP Seoul’s clients are the parent companies. -  Regulatory topics: Compliance with FATCA/AEOI KYC process: AEOI documentation follow up with client under communication with client, business. Monthly and yearly KoFIU reports -  Static Data management via; maintaining thorough understanding of usage of MAOS and GCARS system, and data reconciliation among all systems (GCARS, Atlas2, CRDS, RMPM) -  CLM ORUS 1st control -  SUN 2nd level control -  Backup of onboarding/recertification of Global Markets clients -  KYC for Securities Korea processing (onboarding, recertification, SUN, reports) -  Cash account maintenance and perform background checking for authorized signatories -  Maintain the list of interest rates

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