BNP파리바은행 · (Branch) Permanent_Risk Management_CRO

AS CRO SEOUL BRANCH  - To represent RISK vis-a-vis Territory Management, BNP Paribas Seoul Branch based Business Lines and the Regulators,  - To contribute to the promotion of a strong risk culture and risk governance in Korea, develop RISK’s credibility and professionalism on all risk related issues,  - To oversee risk management activities of: Credit Risks (RISK Corporate and RISK I2S), Market and Counterparty Risks (RISK GM), and Operational Risk (RISK ORM).  - To assess the adequacy of BNPP’s CIB & ALMT Korea overall risk profile to the Group's risk appetite, To develop interaction between the RISK teams, encourage transversal risk analysis approaches. Responsibilities CRO Seould Branch main missions are: ·         Animate teams and coordinate RISK activities in BNP Paribas Seoul Branch ·         To guarantee a proper oversight of BNP Paribas Group activities BNP Paribas Seoul Branch from risk perspective, in order to be aware of and anticipate any risk evolution for BNP Paribas. ·         To ensure a coherent, consistent and global vision in terms of activities, risks and challenges. ·         To advise and alert the APAC CRO and BNP Paribas Seoul Management team of any sensitive situation in Korea in term of risks, budget, HR activities. To achieve these missions, the CRO Seoul Branch has the following direct responsibilities and main activities, to:              Liaise with the local regulators and serves as the contact person for RISK with the Authorities 2.     Works closely with the CEO BNP Paribas Seoul Branch, the Business and Function Heads and the local RISK teams in order to: o    Strengthen risk culture by actively participating in the various internal control committees and executive committee of BNPP Seoul. o    Achieve consistency between business development objectives and the risk policies in force, as well as the credit processes' swiftness and efficiency; o    Alert the RISK Streams, business lines and

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