JLL · Assistance Facilities Manager 대리과장급

Daily Operations: -Improve or update the service process according to the account situation, and ensure to provide uninterrupted high-quality service. Vendor Management: -Establish supplier files and service assessment methods, and provide corresponding trainings; -Develop supplier training plan, and train all suppliers in EHS, operation and other relevant aspects -Draft and submit vendor contract Procurement and Contract Management: -Fully understand the terms of the contract and the scope of services, effectively allocate resources, reasonably control costs while meeting the requirements of the contract, and provide proposals and negotiate quotations for clients’ needs beyond the contract. Number and classify the approved contract or quotation documents in a unified way; Finance Management: -Manage the budget, ensure the report submitted to the client or the financial director timely and accurately. -Guide the team to pay for suppliers, and ensure that all aspects of the work are carried out according to the specified financial schedule -Submit the billing to stakeholder in time to ensure that all works are in accordance with the contract and receive the payment from client -Submit other relevant financial reports on a regular basis, such as the difference analysis between the monthly budget and the actual cost, the budget forecast in the next financial period, etc Clients Relationship Management: -Establish and maintain good relationship with clients and property management, maintain effective communication with them on behalf of client and deal with facility service related work; Team Management: -Pay close attention to the status of team members; -Continuously train professional skills to improve the awareness of workflow and service. -Develop performance indicators for team members and conduct periodic evaluation; establish timely and effective communication with all staff, to build a strong win-win relationship; develop training methods suitable for the team to help them improve continuously.

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