MSCI · ESG Research Intern

An ESG Ratings intern is expected to have fluent English and Korean languages skills and be interested in research on sustainability and investment themes. The intern will mainly work with python to help the team automate data collection, analysis generation using information about companies’ environmental, social, and governance performance, as well as traditional financial risk, using a variety of sources. Over the course of their internship, interns will be assigned a number of tasks to assist senior analysts to research.  Depending on their subject matter interests and background, they will also be assigned one or two major or standalone research projects, similar to the following examples: International regulatory developments in: ESG disclosure frameworks; climate change; biodiversity; banning of sensitive raw materials, e.g. timber, palm oil, cotton; anti-corruption policies Comparative corporate governance standards and customs across Asia and emerging markets Financial industries: information gathering and benchmarking of geographic assets sensitive to climate change Extractives industries: information gathering and benchmarking on industry-specific data Retail industries: information gathering and benchmarking on private label products, raw materials usage This exciting role provides the opportunity to be involved in the integration of sustainability themes into investment research, particularly for fast-growing Asian companies. We are offering 6 months internships that commence as early as possible, with exact timing and length being negotiable. Scope of Responsibility Searching for, procuring, and processing information about large publicly listed companies using multiple methods, techniques and sources, with a focus on Asian emerging markets. Helping modeling team to find alternative data, and conduct deep dive analysis using Python via natural language processing (NLP), data mining etc. Working with many different types of information sources (i.e. lengthy annual reports, websites, quantitative data feeds, web crawlers), types of information (i.e. quantitative data, key performance indicators, prose narratives), topics or subject matters (i.e. traditional

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